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Enter the Thrilling World of “Solo Leveling”: Everything You Need to Know About Episode 1& 2 and the Upcoming Series

Solo Leveling is a fantasy action webtoon that has become massively popular worldwide. The webtoon was created by Korean author Chugong and originally published on KakaoPage in 2016. Since then, it has gained a huge following, with the webtoon achieving over 1 billion views on Naver Webtoon.

Solo Leveling tells the story of Sung Jin-Woo, a low-rank hunter who suddenly gains incredible power after surviving a high-risk dungeon. With his new abilities, Jin-Woo is able to level up endlessly and rise to become the strongest hunter in the world. The webtoon follows his journeys and conflicts as he gains unmatched strength.

Chugong’s incredible art and thrilling storyline captured fans’ imaginations right from the first episode. The webtoon’s action-packed narrative and Jin-Woo’s constant growth in power made it binge-worthy for readers. Solo Leveling distinguished itself with movie-quality illustrations, intense battles, and an expansive world filled with creative monsters known as dungeon bosses.

Within just a couple of years, Solo Leveling ascended to become one of the most popular webtoons ever. It has inspired massive online fandoms and communities in South Korea and internationally. The webtoon’s wide crossover appeal even attracted fans who weren’t previously into the action fantasy genre.

Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation

Solo Leveling has seen immense popularity as a webtoon (digital comic) since it debuted in 2016, amassing over 1 billion views worldwide. After years of fans eagerly awaiting an anime adaptation, the series was finally announced to be getting one in late 2021.

The Solo Leveling anime is produced by animation studio A-1 Pictures, known for other popular anime adaptations such as Sword Art Online, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War. It will be directed by Shingo Natsume, who has directed One Punch Man season 1 and ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

Solo Leveling’s anime adaptation is one of the most anticipated releases for 2022. It is scheduled to premiere in April 2022. The full season will have 12 episodes and release on a weekly basis.

The anime will be available to watch on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation globally. It will have both subbed and dubbed language options. For regions like South Korea, Japan, and China, the anime will also air on television stations. Given Solo Leveling’s popularity, the anime is sure to attract plenty of viewers across streaming and TV.

Solo Leveling Episode 1 Summary

Solo Leveling’s first episode introduces us to the world of hunters and gates. The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, a low-ranked E-class hunter struggling to provide for his family. Jin-Woo and his friend take on a seemingly easy mission in an underground dungeon gate, but things quickly go wrong when they’re attacked by monsters.

While his friend and other higher-ranked hunters are easily defeated, Jin-Woo discovers he has a mysterious system that allows him to gain skills and powers. With these new abilities, he’s able to single-handedly take down the dungeon boss that no one else could.

This episode highlights Jin-Woo’s underdog status in the hunter ranks and hints at his potential for greatness with the special power he’s obtained. We get a sense that he’ll start to rapidly increase in strength. Overall, it’s an exciting introduction that sets up Jin-Woo’s vastly overpowered progression to come.

Solo Leveling Episode 1 Reaction

The first episode of Solo Leveling offers an action-packed introduction to the world of hunters and dungeons. Fans of the original webtoon will likely have mixed feelings about the adaptation.

The animation quality is quite strong, with fluid combat sequences and vivid effects during the dungeon scenes. The dark tone of the webtoon is effectively captured through moody lighting and color grading. Overall, the anime maintains the general pacing of the webtoon’s first chapter.

However, there are some noticeable differences from the source material. Certain internal monologues and character moments are abbreviated or removed entirely. This streamlines the narrative but loses some nuance. The dungeon designs and monster models are also simplified compared to the intricately detailed webtoon art.

While the adaptation remains relatively faithful, the first episode does feel rushed at times. The brisk pacing prevents the necessary room to breathe and establish Sung Jin-Woo’s daily life before his encounter with the dungeon. The emotional weight of the tragedy that kicks off the main plot is lessened as a result.

Still, the anime delivers exactly what one would expect – high-octane dungeon crawling action paired with an underdog protagonist. Fans eager for fight scenes will surely be satisfied, even if the adaptation trims much of the internal character depth so far. It will be interesting to see if the pacing slows down a bit in future episodes to better develop Jin-Woo and the supporting cast.

Solo Leveling Episode 2 and Worldbuilding

The world of Solo Leveling centers around “the system” which allows certain people to gain powers and become hunters. The system manifests dungeons called “gates” that open portals to other dimensions filled with monsters. The ranks and tiers of hunters depend on the strength they gain from the system.

S-rank hunters are the highest and most powerful, renowned for closing high level gates solo. A-rank hunters are still very strong and can handle mid-tier gates alone. B-rank hunters are decently powerful but need teams for difficult gates. C and D-rank hunters are considered the weakest and rely on teams.

E-rank hunters are beginners that just got their powers. The protagonist Sung Jin-Woo starts off as the lowest E-rank hunter. Hunters band together in guilds to take on challenging gates and divide the rewards. The hunters are managed by the Hunter Association which oversees rankings, assignments, and more.

Gates and the monsters within provide opportunities for hunters to gain experience, level up their powers, and complete missions for rewards. Stronger hunters can clear higher level gates and gain more rewards, allowing them to increase in rank. The ultimate goal is to gain enough power to reach S-rank by defeating enemies and leveling up within the system.

Solo Leveling Main Characters

Solo Leveling follows Sung Jin-Woo, an extremely weak E-Rank hunter who is known as the “World’s Weakest Hunter”. However, after a mysterious encounter in an underground dungeon, Jin-Woo gains the ability to level up and increase his powers like a game character.

Sung Jin-Woo – The main protagonist. Jin-Woo starts off as the weakest E-Rank hunter, but gains the ability to grow in power by leveling up after being resurrected. He pursues becoming the strongest hunter, doing anything to gain more power.

Cha Hae-In – A skilled S-Rank hunter who sees potential in Jin-Woo. She is determined and strong-willed. Hae-In excels in close combat using her swordsmanship skills. She often works together with Jin-Woo.

Goto Ryuji – A talented S-Rank hunter from Japan. He wields a katana and has a sense of honor. Initially prideful, he comes to respect Jin-Woo’s strength.

Cho Young Tae – Jin-Woo’s close friend who stands by him. Although not a hunter himself, Young Tae provides emotional support and encouragement.

Yoo Jin-Ho – The Guild Branch’s receptionist. He provides Jin-Woo with quest information. Jin-Ho has a bright personality and assists the hunters.

Cha Hae-In – A skilled S-Rank hunter who sees potential in Jin-Woo. She is determined and strong-willed. Hae-In excels in close combat using her swordsmanship skills. She often works together with Jin-Woo.

Solo Leveling has a cast of unique and memorable characters that drive the story forward. The relationships between the characters develop throughout the series as they face challenges and grow stronger together.

Solo Leveling Anime Future

As per Global NEWS Cover The first season of Solo Leveling has only just begun, episode 2 of solo leveling is just around the corner, yet fans are already eager for more. With its unique premise, stunning visuals, and captivating story, it’s easy to see why viewers want the anime adaptation to continue.

While an official season 2 has not yet been confirmed, there is plenty of source material left to adapt from the webtoon. The manhwa is currently on Chapter 186 and still ongoing. This means there is enough content for several more seasons should the anime continue.

As for upcoming episodes in season 1, the anime will likely adapt through Chapter 50-60 of the webtoon. Key events to look forward to include more dungeon raids, the introduction of more powerful enemies, and additional character development for Sung Jin-Woo and side characters.

The production quality and faithfulness to the original manhwa has fans optimistic about Solo Leveling’s future. There is clearly an audience hungry for more animated Sung Jin-Woo action. While the anime industry can be unpredictable, there is hope that the positive reception will motivate a season 2 announcement down the line.

For now, viewers eagerly await each new episode airing every Thursday. Solo Leveling has already proven itself to be one of the most hyped anime of 2022. And if the adaptation continues at this level of quality, there will undoubtedly be demand for the anime to level up into a second season and beyond.

Where to Watch Solo Leveling Legally

Solo Leveling is currently available to watch legally on a few different streaming platforms:

  • Crunchyroll – New episodes of Solo Leveling premiere first on Crunchyroll every Thursday at 10:30am PT. Crunchyroll has the rights to stream Solo Leveling worldwide outside of Asia.

  • Muse Asia YouTube Channel – For viewers in Southeast Asia, new episodes of Solo Leveling can be watched for free on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. New episodes premiere every Thursday at 10:30am SGT.

  • Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel – Ani-One Asia also streams Solo Leveling on their YouTube channel, but it’s only available in certain Asian regions like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. New episodes premiere on Thursdays.

  • Bilibili – In China, Solo Leveling streams exclusively on Bilibili. Chinese viewers can catch new episodes there every Thursday.

So in summary, Crunchyroll is the best option for most global viewers to watch new episodes of Solo Leveling each week. Muse Asia and Ani-One Asia’s YouTube channels also provide free options for Southeast Asia and some other Asian regions. And those in China can watch on Bilibili. Solo Leveling is not available on mainstream services like Netflix or Hulu yet.

The anime adaptation is following the story of the popular webtoon very faithfully so far. Fans of the webtoon will enjoy seeing the meticulously animated fights and dungeons brought to life each week through these legal streaming options.

Read the Solo Leveling Webtoon

The Solo Leveling anime is based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name by author Chu-Gong and illustrator Dubu. The webtoon was first published in 2016 on KakaoPage and has become one of the most popular Korean webtoons of all time.

The Solo Leveling webtoon is complete with 270 chapters and can be read in English legally on a few different platforms:

  • Webtoons: The official platform for reading Solo Leveling in English is Webtoons. The webtoon is available for free but new chapters require waiting a week after they are released in Korea.

  • TappyToon: This is another official platform for reading Solo Leveling in English. The chapters are available sooner after the Korean release but require paid “fast pass” coins to read the latest chapters.

  • KakaoPage: The original Korean platform for the webtoon. Requires translating to read in English.

The webtoon expands greatly on the story, characters, and world compared to the anime adaptation. Fans of the anime will find the webtoon goes into much more detail and explores additional story arcs and subplots that are skipped in the anime. The webtoon provides the complete Solo Leveling story and is highly recommended for fans who want more after watching the anime.


Solo Leveling’s anime adaptation has finally arrived, bringing the immensely popular webtoon to life in animated form. The first episode wasted no time in establishing the unique dungeon crawling world and introducing fans to the initially weak but determined protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo.

Viewers were treated to stunning visuals as Jin-Woo navigated his first dungeon, showcasing what sets this anime apart with its top-notch animation and art style. While condensed compared to the webtoon source material, episode one highlighted the key strengths of Solo Leveling – thrilling dungeon action, an underdog hero’s growth, and a fascinating leveling system.

Fans eagerly anticipating more will be happy to know the Solo Leveling anime adaptation plans to cover the entire story from the webtoon. With many more intense fights, jaw-dropping abilities, and character moments to come, this first episode is just the beginning. Solo Leveling has already generated much excitement, especially among webtoon readers waiting for this adaptation.

The anime delivers on the hype so far, making it a must-watch for fantasy and action fans. There is a captivating adventure ahead. Hopefully the anime continues to capture the magic of the webtoon as Sung Jin-Woo levels up on his quest. After this strong start, the future looks bright for Solo Leveling’s anime adaptation.

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