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Good NEWS for Pakistanis – Navigating UAE Visa Updates Jan 17, 2024

Clarification about UAE work visa ban for Pakistan 2024

Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. In our last post in this series of uae work visa ban for pakistan 2024, we addressed the evolving landscape of degree attestation for visas, not just for Pakistan but globally. Today, let’s dive deep into some crucial updates as of January 17, 2024. Recent information let us to explore further, especially regarding changes in visa durations and recent developments in India.

Clarification on Degree Attestation

As MOHRE states, It’s essential to clarify that despite varying comments, degree tests are gradually becoming a global norm. While certain countries may not have implemented this yet, the trend suggests that such measures will likely extend to them sooner or later. Understanding the global context helps us anticipate changes in visa regulations across the board. The Step-by-Step Guide For UAE Degree Attestation For Skilled Labor Visa In 2024 – Global NEWS Cover

Visa Updates in India

Notably, India has witnessed changes in its visa policies across a few states. Some have amended visit visa durations, restricting them to 30 and 60 days instead of the previous 90 days. It’s crucial to stay informed about these alterations, as they might impact not just Indians but also other nationalities seeking visas for India.

Clarification on Pakistani Visas

In a previous post, we mentioned a ban on Pakistani visas despite degree tests. But, upon further investigation it’s clear that there are some major information updates regarding visa ban for Pakistanis 2024. There isn’t a ban on Pakistani visas, but there have been instances of delays and rejections, especially for employment visas. Thanks to valuable input from our sources, a term called “Demographic Diversity Error” has emerged as a possible explanation.

Demographic Diversity Error Explained

The term refers to companies aiming for a diverse workforce from various nationalities. If a company has a set quota for visas, exceeding the limit for one nationality may lead to rejections or delays. This demographic diversity error is not exclusive to Pakistanis but is affecting visa processes globally.

Request for Visitors Feedback

As Global NEWS Cover navigate through these changes, your feedback is invaluable. If you’ve recently obtained an employment visa, kindly share your experience in the comments. Include details such as the category, duration, and processing time. This collective information will be instrumental for the next post and help a lot of other Pakistanis in confusion for this matter, where I aim to provide insights into success rates and challenges faced by our community.

In conclusion, staying informed and sharing experiences is crucial during these dynamic times. Let’s support each other through open dialogue. If you have further questions or insights, feel free to ask. Until the next post, take care.

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