Nevada judge, Mary Kay Holthus, faced a violent attack in her courtroom

In a startling incident, Nevada Judge Mary Kay Holthus experienced a violent assault in her courtroom this Wednesday.

Deobra Redden, a three-time felon, unexpectedly vaulted over the defense table and the judge’s bench, landing directly on top of Judge Holthus.

The courtroom descended into chaos as court officials and attorneys rushed to intervene, resulting in a physical altercation.

Judge Holthus sustained injuries during the skirmish and received on-site medical treatment. Simultaneously, a courtroom marshal was swiftly taken to the hospital to address a bleeding forehead gash and a dislocated shoulder.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by judicial officials, emphasizing the pressing need for enhanced security measures in courtrooms.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the attack, and Redden may face additional charges in connection with the incident. keep visiting Global NEWS Cover for more updates.

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