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The Step-by-Step Guide for UAE Degree Attestation for Skilled Labor Visa in 2024

As there is good news for Pakistani Indians and other nationality holders waiting for NEWS UAE, Dubai work visas. UAE has opened the work visa again after a brief ban in January 2024. But according to MOHRE UAE there wasn’t any ban on the first place rather was a misunderstanding on the Demographic Diversity Error (DDE).

Currently there are verified updates that a lot of expats are getting approve their work visa. However, there are two categories of labor visa in UAE: Skilled and Unskilled labor. Currently, unskilled labor visa has the lower approval rate due to unknow reasons, but the skilled labor visa can be obtained easily with the right approach.

Obtaining a UAE skilled labor visa requires attesting your educational degrees and documents. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the UAE degree attestation process, with a focus on applicants from Pakistan and India in 2024.

We will cover the significance of attestation, step-by-step procedures, country-specific requirements, and provide the latest attestation fee details from the UAE Embassy. Follow along for valuable insights on smoothly navigating UAE degree attestation.

The Importance of UAE Degree Attestation

UAE degree attestation validates the authenticity of foreign degrees and builds trust in hiring overseas talent. By getting your documents attested, you assure employers that your qualifications are genuine and approved by authorities. That’s why attestation is mandatory for skilled labor visas.

Step-by-Step Process for UAE Degree Attestation

The UAE degree attestation process involves:

1. Verification from University
2. Attestation by Local Authorities
3. Approval by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
4. Final Attestation by UAE Embassy

Let’s explore each step and its associated UAE degree attestation fee:

University Verification

Submit original transcripts, degrees, etc. to your university. The UAE degree attestation fee is set by the institution.

Local Attestation

Get documents attested by designated local offices in your country. Local attestation fees vary.

Ministry Attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs validates documents nationally. Ministry attestation fee depends on the country.

UAE Embassy Attestation

The final step done by the UAE Embassy/Consulate. UAE degree attestation fee is $30-35 per document.

Country-Specific Guidelines

Specific UAE degree attestation requirements for:

Pakistan Involves:
● HEC Verification
● Ministry of Foreign Affairs
● UAE Embassy Islamabad

India Involves:
● Education Authorities
● Ministry of External Affairs
● UAE Embassy New Delhi


Global NEWS Cover have covered the step-by-step guide for UAE degree attestation in 2024 – including the significance, processes, country-specific guidelines and fees. Follow the steps properly for a smooth visa application.

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