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UAE Launches 5-Year Residence Visa at Lowest Fee Ever.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched an innovative 5-year residence visa aimed at retirees and older travelers looking to enjoy extended stays in the country. The new visa represents a major step by the UAE government to promote greater inclusivity and cater to international visitors seeking to immerse themselves in Emirati culture and lifestyle.

By providing the opportunity for longer-term residency, the UAE is enhancing the living experience for foreign residents while also positioning itself as a welcoming destination for global retirees. The visa offers an affordable and streamlined path to residency, with renewals available after 5 years.

Eligibility Requirements for the 5-Year UAE Retiree Visa

To qualify for the 5-year UAE retiree visa, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria set by the UAE government. The most notable requirement is that applicants must be aged 55 or above at the time of application. This age requirement recognizes that many foreign nationals who have lived and worked in the UAE for extended periods may wish to continue living in the country after retirement age. The visa provides an opportunity for retirees to prolong their stay and continue enjoying the UAE’s high quality of life and vibrant expat communities.

Other key eligibility factors include having sufficient financial means and proof of either past employment within the UAE of at least 15 years, or adequate global work experience totalling 15+ years. Applicants must also show they have sufficient retirement funds and/or own qualifying property assets within the UAE. Overall, the eligibility criteria aim to make this long-term visa accessible to retirees who have demonstrated strong ties and loyalty to the UAE throughout their careers.

Validity Period of 5 Years Makes This Visa Unique

The UAE’s new retirement visa offers eligible applicants the chance to obtain a 5-year residence permit in the country. This sets it apart from other UAE residence visas that are typically valid for only 2 or 3 years before requiring renewal.

The 5-year validity period provides retirees and long-term residents much needed stability and continuity, allowing them to establish deeper roots in the UAE without the hassle of frequently renewing visas. It enables foreign nationals aged 55 and above to plan their stay in the country over an extended timeframe.

Compared to tourist visas that last only 30-90 days, the multi-year validity opens up tremendous opportunities for those seeking to experience Emirati culture and hospitality over a longer duration.

Overall, the exceptional 5-year period reflects the UAE government’s commitment to attracting high-value residents who enrich the local community. It represents a milestone in the country’s goal to be recognized as a global destination for high-caliber expatriates pursuing a premium lifestyle in the Gulf region.

The Nominal Cost Makes This Visa Accessible

At just 720 AED (approximately $200 USD), the 5-year retirement visa comes at a very affordable price point for long-term residents. This reasonable fee makes the extended visa financially accessible to those meeting the eligibility criteria. With most long-term visas costing thousands of dollars in other countries, the UAE’s nominal 720 AED charge for 5 full years of residency is extraordinary.

For applicants from Western nations, this equates to around $200 annually, an amount that pales in comparison to similar visas elsewhere. With the UAE’s already low taxes and costs of living, this small recurring visa expense should not deter eligible retirees from embracing the Emirati lifestyle long-term.

The affordable 720 AED visa cost removes a major financial barrier to prolonged residency. It represents the UAE’s commitment to welcoming retirees for multi-year stays at a price nearly anyone can manage. This nominal fee makes the 5-year retirement visa an extremely attractive offering.

Financial Requirements to Qualify for the 5-Year UAE Residence Visa

To qualify for the 5-year UAE residence visa, applicants must meet specific financial criteria set by the UAE government. The most notable requirement is proof of property ownership in the UAE totaling a minimum value of 1,000,000 AED (UAE dirhams).

The property can consist of one or multiple assets such as residential or commercial real estate, land, or other properties located within the UAE. The combined worth must equal 1 million AED or higher based on property assessments conducted by authorities in the respective emirate where the assets are located.

Mortgaged properties can also qualify, provided the redemption value is not less than 1 million AED. Applicants will need to submit the necessary documentation during the visa application process to verify they meet this substantial financial requirement.

Owning property in the UAE worth at least 1 million AED demonstrates an applicant’s financial means and ongoing investment in the country. Meeting this key criteria helps qualify individuals seeking the 5-year residence visa catered to longer-term residents aiming to continually reside in the UAE.

Income Requirements for the 5 Year Residence Visa

To qualify for the 5 year residence visa, retirees must demonstrate an annual income of at least 240,000 AED. This income threshold aims to ensure applicants have sufficient financial means to support their lifestyle in the UAE long-term.

Applicants can prove this income requirement in a few ways:

  • Submitting 6 months of bank statements showing regular income deposits totalling 240,000 AED or more annually. The bank statements should be from a UAE bank account.

  • Providing documentation of pension payments, investments, or other assets generating at least 240,000 AED in annual income. Documents must be officially certified.

  • For retirees still working, submitting an employment contract and salary certificates proving an annual salary of 240,000 AED or greater. Documents must be attested.

The income documentation must be submitted along with the visa application to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Authorities will verify the documents are authentic and meet the minimum 240,000 AED income threshold.

Meeting this income criteria demonstrates retirees can sustainably finance their stay in the UAE long-term. It aims to attract retirees who can positively contribute to the economy during their extended 5 year residency.

Application Process

To apply for the 5-year UAE residence visa, applicants must gather and submit the required documents, as well as pay the associated fees.

Documents Needed

The key documents needed for the 5-year residence visa application include:

  • Passport copy
  • Previous UAE residence visas (if applicable)
  • Emirates ID (if applicable)
  • Proof of income/savings
  • Proof of property ownership in UAE worth AED 1 million
  • Passport-sized photographs

Additional documents may be required depending on your employment status and nationality. It’s best to check with the immigration authorities for the latest requirements.


There are several fees involved with obtaining the 5-year UAE residence visa:

  • Residence visa fee: AED 360
  • Knowledge fee: AED 60
  • Innovation fee: AED 60
  • In-country fee: AED 240

The total comes to around AED 720 (US$200). These fees are payable during the application process.

Applicants should be prepared to pay all required fees to avoid any delays with obtaining this long-term residence visa. The fees can be paid online or in person.

The Allure of an Enriching Lifestyle

The 5-year UAE residence visa presents an unrivaled opportunity for eligible applicants to immerse themselves in the country’s unique Emirati culture. With the extended stay, international residents can truly experience the warmth and hospitality that defines the Emirati people.

Beyond heritage, the UAE offers a modern lifestyle brimming with luxury, excitement, and diversity. The bustling metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi boast futuristic skylines dotted with architectural marvels. The thriving food scene encompasses flavors from around the globe, while world-class shopping destinations and entertainment satisfy every whim.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the gorgeous beaches, vast desert landscapes, and lofty peaks provide avenues for adventure. The pleasant winter climate also enables year-round enjoyment of outdoor pursuits. Whether relaxing or adventuring, the UAE’s scenery and experiences create unforgettable memories.

The 5-year visa gives residents the gift of time to build meaningful connections and become part of the fabric of Emirati society. With prolonged exposure, international residents can expand their perspectives and develop a profound appreciation for the UAE.

Positioning UAE as an Attractive Destination for Long-Term Residents

The new 5-year residence visa for retirees and other qualified individuals positions the UAE as an extremely appealing destination for those seeking an extended stay. By providing a straightforward path to long-term residency at a reasonable cost, the UAE makes itself welcoming and accessible to foreign residents looking to make the country their home.

Several factors contribute to the attractiveness of the UAE for long-term living. The country offers political stability, advanced infrastructure, a high standard of living, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular are known for their glamorous ambiance and abundant amenities.

In addition, the UAE does not impose income tax on individuals, making it financially advantageous as a place for retirement. The country also has high-quality healthcare facilities and a variety of housing options to meet the needs of residents.

By enhancing the residency options through this new 5-year visa, the UAE positions itself at the forefront of expatriate destinations. For those seeking an improved quality of life, beautiful surroundings, and exciting opportunities, the UAE represents an ideal choice. This forward-thinking policy will likely attract considerable interest from qualified individuals all over the world.

An Inviting Opportunity for Extended Stays

The newly introduced 5-year UAE residence visa offers an appealing prospect for international travelers and retirees seeking an inclusive, welcoming and enriching long-term experience. With reasonable eligibility criteria focused on age, income and assets, it removes major roadblocks to prolonged stays in the UAE.

The streamlined process, modest fees and renewal options provide further incentives. By facilitating multi-year residencies, the UAE government has taken a progressive step towards promoting diversity, inclusivity and cultural exchange.

This forward-thinking visa policy also cements the UAE’s reputation as a prime destination for living, working or retiring. For those looking to immerse themselves in the nation’s dynamic cosmopolitan lifestyle, unmatched infrastructure and business-friendly environment for an extended period, the 5-year UAE residence visa presents an unparalleled opportunity.

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